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 Amazon reviews for Helium Core



“Super cool packaging. Like opening an iPhone box. Love the unit and anodized finish. Great piece of design engineering. Trying it out this weekend. Fantastic job.” - Ed R.
“Congratulations! You did it! You’ve created something useful, elegant, solid, and professional and of high quality. This is my first Kickstarter project and I appreciate your perseverance and effort - more than I know I’m sure- to have made this a good experience for me.” - George P.

"Retiring my xxxxx and moving on to this beautiful chassis...It's everything I knew it would be. It's really a nicer, sleeker looking chassis...With the Helium Core, I know I'm going to get compliments and lots of "Wows!" " - Mike C.

"It arrived yesterday, and looks GREAT! Very nicely balanced and steady." - Thos C.

“They’re beautiful.” - Rob B.