Helium Core iPhone Video Camera Filmmaking Rig with 37mm Lens Mount for iPhone 7/8 and Gen. 2 iPhone SE

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UNVEIL YOUR CINEMATIC GENIUS with the Helium Core iPhone Filmmaking Case for iPhone 7/8 phones. The flippable 37mm lens mount and tool-less design transforms you into a mobile filmmaker in seconds.

INTEGRATED LENS MOUNT allows you to add lenses, filters and adapters with ease to capture your unique vision of unfolding events.

PRECISION FIT ensures quick, easy alignment of your phone’s camera with lenses. Chassis cut-outs grant full access to ports and switches. Our iPhone Video Kit puts filmmaking in the palm of your hand. 

MULTIPLE MOUNTING POINTS let you add flash, microphone, video lights and more. Capture heart-wrenching, cinema-worthy events discreetly and without disrupting intimate moments in tight locations.

Aircraft-grade aluminum provides an exoskeleton for your iPhone. The open-back design enhances air flow across your phone, decreasing risk of overheating.

Not your average iPhone lens case

Turn your iPhone into a pocket-size movie studio with the Helium Core iPhone Video Making Rig. Unlike cases that only accommodate jeweler-size fisheye or telephone lenses, this innovative iPhone filmmaking kit turns you into a professional filmmaker with the ability to use countless 37mm lenses and other equipment. With its unique flippable mount, your phone’s wide and tele lenses are always at your disposal for unparalleled flexibility.

Tool-less design makes set-up quick

With just 4 thumbscrews, your iPhone mounts in the Helium Core Case in seconds so you’ll never miss any heart-pounding action. Catch breaking news, document your travel experiences for your blog, or help defray a friend’s wedding expenses by acting as their videographer. With multiple mounting points and precision-cut ports, you can add mics, lights, sliders and jibs without sacrificing access to your phone’s buttons and switches.

Augmenting your phone from the first frame to the last

Our iPhone Filmmaking Rig is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, with ergonomic curves that result in comfortable, more reliable gripping. The open-back design keeps your phone cool and protected from overheating. With the Helium Core Case, you’re a 1-person film crew, able to make adjustments as stories unfold.


Expand your mobile video arsenal. Add the Helium Core Filmmaking Case for the iPhone to your cart today.

The basic accessory kit includes two cold shoes and a pair of strap mounting rings. 



    • Color: Black (iPhone 7/8)
    • Lens mount: 37mm screw mount
    • Material: 6061-T6, aircraft-grade aluminum
    • Accessory mounts: Seventeen (17) 1/4"-20 screw holes on iPhone 7/8 version
    • Dimensions of chassis (height x width x depth): 
      • iPhone 7/8: 6.4" x 3.5" x 0.7" (163mm x 87.9mm x 17.8mm)
    • Weight of chassis (without screws): 
      • iPhone 7/8: 6.65 oz (188g) +/- 5%


    • Chassis top plate
    • Main chassis
    • Four (4) thumbscrews

    Check out our Gallery page to see sample setups using the Helium Core, or visit our blog post, which describes the design process of the product.

    1. The Helium Core is a dedicated camera accessory, and is not represented or sold as a regular iPhone case. The aluminum construction of the Helium Core affects the cellular and WiFi signals of your iPhone and may affect your call and Internet quality.
    2. This product is not sold as a protective accessory for your iPhone or as a conventional iPhone photo case
    3. Any accessories shown in the photos are not included
    4. In person, the color of the product may vary slightly from the images on this page
    5. The new version of the Moment lenses, which do not ship with a mounting plate, are not compatible with the Helium Core
    6. Version 2 of the Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter (with the 12.5mm mount) will not work with the rig.
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