We Delayed Accepting Orders. Here's Why.

Helium got its start on Kickstarter, thanks to the generosity and support of 281 people, the vast majority of whom I don't know. Implicit in that support to me is the understanding that my Kickstarter backers would not only get a great deal for taking the risk on an unproven entity, but also that they would get first dibs on the product. This week, we ran into an issue that prevented us from shipping the product to all of them before this date. As a result, our web store will only go live once we've shipped the remaining Kickstarter rewards to our backers.

I apologize if you came here to order your Helium Core. I chose September 23 to launch our new website because it's the date of my father's birthday. He passed away from cancer late last year, and I chose this day to honor his life and all the things he did for me by launching today. I hope that you'll be patient with us and consider signing up to be notified when we go live. Thank you.

brandon hoe
Founder and CEO, Helium