4K anamorphic iPhone cinematic video shoot of Duke University

On New Year's Eve, I walked around the gorgeous campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, to shoot footage using my iPhone 6s Plus. My goals were twofold - to just go out and shoot, which has become an increasingly rare activity for me, and to showcase what the iPhone is capable of when set up appropriately. 

The former is important to me as I continue to develop tools and accessories to enable smartphone and iPhone filmmaking, while the latter is part of a larger effort to show that you probably already have a very capable camera in your pockets, and don't need to spend money on "better gear" when all you need are some accessories and some knowledge. 

I've listed shoot and edit details that you might be interested in below. I hope you enjoy!


Hardware: iPhone 6s Plus, Helium Core iPhone video rig, Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter, Moondog Labs filter holder, Fotga Slim Fader variable neutral density filter 52mm.

App: MAVIS (the false color and focus peaking features are very helpful)

Post: Edit and color grade in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

Other details: Shot in 24fps in 4K, at 100mbps, 1/48s shutter speed

Music: Sanctuary by Johannes Bornlöf, licensed from EpidemicSound.com via their YouTube Creator subscription